Rope access provides a safe, cost–effective, and efficient means of accessing structures and geologic features for inspection, maintenance, and construction.

We have technicians for both conventional and advanced services whom hold SPRAT certifications I, II, and III. Insight NDE is 100% focused on safety which is why our technicians go home every evening. Let Insight NDE Rope Access Department show you the immediate cost savings you can experience with our expert team of technicians.

Why use rope access?

Modern rope access equipment, techniques, and training can be combined to produce an exceptionally safe, versatile, efficient, and cost-effective way to solve vertical access problems.

  • Rope access is safe. Independently-certified rope-access technicians uphold an enviable safety record and few lost time incidents while working on rope.
  • Rope access is versatile. Technicians can apply the techniques in a wide variety of environments, from confined-space penstocks to massive concrete structures to complicated steel installations. Unlike traditional access methods, custom rope-access solutions can be designed to fit various applications quickly and inexpensively.
  • Rope access is efficient. Systems are installed and dismantled quickly and often require fewer personnel than traditional access methods. Rapid deployment limits disruption to facility operations by minimizing downtime.
  • Rope access is economical. Fewer personnel, faster completion, less equipment, and minimal downtime mean lower costs.

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