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Benefits of Nondestructive Testing

  • Saftey

    Nondestructive testing is conducted to determine whether a component is compromised or in need of repair. The tests are designed to maximize both tester and tested product safety. In other words, most tests are completely harmless to humans (radiographic testing must be conducted under strict settings), and all tests leave tested products completely undamaged.

    Additionally, in industries with volatile or high-pressure equipment and machinery, nondestructive testing as a preventative measure saves lives.
  • Reliability

    When it comes to accurate results, nondestructive testing is reliable because of the variety of available and complementary options. Any given piece of equipment or machinery can be subject to a number of nondestructive tests, which eliminates the risk of oversight or inaccuracy.
  • Affordability

    Different industries have different safety standards, and different types of machinery have to be regularly inspected at different intervals. But regardless of what has to be inspected, a nondestructive test will always be the most affordable option. Destructive testing methods (like automobile crash tests) typically cost an order of magnitude more.

    Additionally, nondestructive tests can result in insights that lead to the replacement or repair of equipment before malfunction can occur.
  • Peace of Mind

    The final benefit of nondestructive testing may be hard to quantify, but it’s the most important of all. Knowing that your equipment is functioning the way it should (and that future accidents can be prevented with simple checkups) adds years to the life of a beleaguered project manager. And when workers know they’re safe, work productivity goes up all around.

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